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Team+Work = Teamwork

teamwork |ˈtēmˌwərk| noun

the combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.

This definition of a teamwork is slightly off. It takes more than just a group of people to make a team. Let’s look at basketball. Take a look at Miami Heats. They are stacked with three all-stars — CBosh, Lebron, and D-Wade, and they were the second seed of the Eastern Conference with a regular season record of 58-24. But, guess what, they did not win a championship. Were they not better than Dallas Mavericks? Were they less athletic? Were they not motivated enough?

NO, NO, and NO.

But, there was one thing that they were lacking, which was team chemistry. Ok Ok Ok. You might find this very arguable, but it’s true. Throwing alley-oops, dishing spectacular assists, and showing off rim-rattling dunks do not mean that they have a “good” team chemistry. A team like Dallas Mavericks (World Champs), have three building blocks: common goal, respect, and competence, which helped them to win over the more athletic, more skilled team like the Miami Heats.

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